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We create online stores: from agile projects delivered in weeks to international systems designed for millions of users. We choose the best strategy for each Client.
From UX design, development and implementation, and hosting, through integrations, modules, service & maintenance.

orba b2b b2c ecommerce system

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ORBA is a dynamically developing company that offers advanced e-commerce systems implementation. E-commerce management systems are essential to today’s businesses, as the retail industry continues changing rapidly. These changes dictate an increasingly sophisticated ecommerce management solution to maintain competitiveness. Today’s consumers use multiple devices, moving between online and offline channels, which creates complications for retailers. It takes an extremely advanced e-commerce management system to deliver the infrastructure necessary to meet consumer demands. ORBA provides all this and more!

Today, ordering online, filling an online shopping cart, and checking out with your chosen payment has made life much easier for consumers. We can browse through items we are interested in, pick out the things we like, check out, and in a very few days, our choices are delivered right to our home. In theory, you could probably order virtually everything you need in your life online, but because so many consumers now depend on online shopping, they also demand more and more out of their shopping experiences. Whether you are dealing with Business to Business sales (B2B), or Business to Consumer (B2C) sales, as a business owner, you have to understand e-commerce in a very comprehensive manner.

What are the Common Functions and Features of E-Commerce?

The most common functions and features revolve around the e-commerce transaction processing capabilities. Your e-commerce system must also support the management of your entire organization. Not only does e-commerce allow you to purchase and sell goods and services on the Internet, it also automates the entire sales and purchase process, and contains the following:

  • Management of inventory
  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Customer support
  • Marketing
  • Customer information management

ORBA’s e-commerce systems have allowed entrepreneurs from around the world now operate in markets that would otherwise be unavailable to them without our technological support. Our extensive business experience leaves us well-acquainted with the sales processes and logistics associated with your company and others. Because of this, we successfully carry out complex implementations, designing dedicated, personalized, excellent working solutions for businesses, as we enlarge the scale of our clients’ operations.

What are the Components of an E-commerce System?

Your e-commerce system will consist of a number of vital components, including the following:

  • An e-commerce website with an online database of products
  • A payment gateway
  • A logistics provider
  • An ERP / WMS system

The e-commerce website is the interface your online shopper will interact with, meaning all information relevant to the user must be displayed on your business website in a comprehensive manner. Your e-commerce website will include the information relative to your products or services, a checkout method, your order status, your shipping choices, billing addresses, etc. As your e-commerce grows, more and more sensitive information will be exchanged on your site, including personal information and credit card details. The goal, of course, is to prevent an unauthorized third party from intercepting sensitive information. Your payment gateway is essential to the success of your e-commerce business site. The payment gateway allows funds to be transferred electronically from the purchaser to the seller.

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How ORBA Can Help Your E-Commerce Site

ORBA has dedicated over 175,000 hours of development time to Magento 2 alone, receiving an honorable mention for the “Best Mobile Site of the Year,” and winning the PayPal Integration Challenge Award. Service quality is the top priority of ORBA, as we use the best e-commerce technologies that will provide you with the largest possible profit, for the longest possible time. At ORBA, we approach every project individually—and comprehensively. We thoroughly analyze your business needs, recommending technological solutions that are perfect for your company.

We follow the data at ORBA, learning about the specific character of your business and your clients because we design with shop owners (you) and shop users in mind. Our team will conduct comprehensive tests on your software so you can be sure the final product is a stable tool—and the foundation for your success. Our team consists of certified Magento developers, UX specialists, and analysts. We share a business-minded approach and ambitious attitude, and the drive to help you attain your goals, operating in a variety of businesses—and in international markets—where we support our ORBA clients. Because your online shop is available 24/7, so is the support we provide our entrepreneurs.

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"All work delivered by ORBA is precise and reliable. The tasks have also been delivered on time.”

Marcin Bosacki


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"The cooperation between our companies has been positive, without any hiccups. Our experience of working with ORBA can confirm that they are a trustworthy partner, worth our recommendation.”

Arkadiusz Luciński


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"I recommend the ORBA company as a competent partner, who approaches the tasks at hand very professionally & quickly responds to the needs of the Client.”

Piotr Sadowski

Piotr Sadowski Advisory Services

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"The ingenuity, openness, engagement & professional approach of ORBA has guaranteed a timely & solid project implementation. We recommend ORBA as a trustworthy partner, that we are proud to recommend.”

Marek Uszyński

Stalgast sp. z o.o.

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Our clients are entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in the area of e-commerce, including the companies from the Fortune Global 500 list. We create attractive and perfectly-converting sales platforms. Our experience includes 85 implemented e-commerce projects all over the world. In a recent survey on our Clients done by an external agency (oct. 2019), we scored:

  • 93% Net Promoter Score

  • 86% Referral Score

  • 95% of Clients continue engagement after initial project
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