A few days. This is how long we need to get the gist of the character of your business and the whole environment in which it functions. We analyze business processes related to e-Commerce, discover who your clients really are and how they purchase. We look for solutions which will bring the best effects and noticeable changes, which we are ready to implement.


We design solutions. Our ideas are visualized in the form of mock-ups. In this way, we check whether the website is 100% usable (intuitive and easy to navigate, leading efficiently from interest to purchase) and if, apart from clients’ requirements, it meets your expectations, too. Mock-ups help us save your time and the time of your team – we can test the concepts quickly and efficiently and get the starting point to develop graphic design.

03graphic design

We create graphic design for your platform. We give our ideas an eye-pleasing form and ensure a professional look of your store. We adjust it to the industry in which you work and the taste of the target group. After your approval, we start turning the design into a code that is readable for every browser.


Back-end and front-end works continue. Our developers ensure the stability of code and proper functioning of the interface. They implement dedicated service features and carry out integration with ERP and PIM systems. Then, we move on to the quality check of the implementation.

05SIT (System Integration Testing)

We test our solutions, check how systems cooperate, search for and eliminate possible limitations. We assess whether the implementation complies with the assumptions we made with you – your company’s needs come first. We leave nothing to chance – we move on to users tests.

06AT (User Acceptance Testing)

Our client has the final word and that is why we try out the software together with future store owners. We also test interactions with production systems, features and users’ interactions with the website. Is the platform 100% fine? We move on to the final project phase.

07production deployment

We move the website to the target server. We carry out the last tests and check the system reliability and features functioning. We launch the store. We monitor the website. We react to possible problems and stay in touch with our clients whom we treat like partners.

08maintenance and development

We provide post-implementation support. We react to your reports and optimize e-store solutions. We offer 24-hour support, which is why we never leave our clients alone with their problems. We believe in long-lasting partnership.


Waterfall meets Agile

As we carry out complex projects, we combine waterfall and agile methodologies This gives us full control over the process of designing, manufacturing and implementing e-commerce solutions for you and helps finish the project in due time.


Waterfall approach is used to create the implementation plan. We carry it out stage after stage, until the final product is obtained. We act in a timely manner and document implementation products and stages of process – the environment of your store is created effectively.


Agile approach is used in the process of creating and implementing software. We break up the app into smaller and logically coherent functionalities. After that we give you insight into it. We also create subsequent software versions to give you full control over their capabilities and functioning.

About us

ORBA – your solid
e-business partner

Our clients are entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in the area of e-commerce, including the companies from the Fortune Global 500 list. We create attractive and perfectly-converting sales platforms. Our experience includes 85 implemented e-commerce projects all over the world. In a recent survey on our Clients done by an external agency (oct. 2019), we scored:

  • 93% Net Promoter Score

  • 86% Referral Score

  • 95% of Clients continue engagement after initial project
  • Our clients

    Our clients

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