This year ORBA had another opportunity to join Magento Imagine in Las Vegas. Between all the ooh and ah moments including a lecture by Gary Vaynerchuk, people flying out from the ceiling and Philip Jackson’s Marie Condo moment, Adobe gave us a lot to be excited about in the upcoming months. Here is what we learned.

Progressive Web Apps

It is no surprise that Adobe would be pushing this hard, as we already heard about PWA Studio before the conference. This year they presented a road map of things to come. They include things like Docker support, UI components, and GraphQL development. What was most interesting was the presentation of the apps built with PWA Studio and the promise to connect the PWA front to Page Builder in the future.

Longer support policy

One thing which will make everyone happy is the elongated support policy for the new releases of Magento. Adobe has received a lot of feedback from the users, and they are listening. Starting from Magento 2.3, each new minor release will be supported until the date of the next major release. Furthermore, the large quality updates will be supported for even 12 months after the next release. For security updates, it will be 18 months. This means that if you have M2.3 and M2.4 shows up, you can still get updates for M2.3 for 12 to 18 months.

Magento Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Currently, Magento Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Soon you will also have an option to choose Microsoft Azure for your Magento Cloud implementation. Adobe is also working on horizontal auto-scaling features to bring added flexibility for cluster-based setups with improved performance guaranteed.

Magento connects to Amazon and Google Merchant Center

Amazing news we are super excited about – Magento will now be natively integrated with Amazon and Google Merchant Center. Inventory management, prices and working with multiple Amazon accounts will be available right from the admin panel.

As for Google – now you can manage the campaigns right from the admin panel as well. With almost everybody using at minimum one of the two platforms – this is a great step in the right direction for the convenience of Magento store managers. You can read more about this directly from the source here.

Magento is now part of Adobe Commerce Cloud

We are not surprised. With the acquisition of Magento by Adobe, we expected this to happen. Magento will become connected to all the tools available from Adobe, creating an all-you-need easy to use solution. This includes Business Intelligence tools, integration with Adobe Analytics and others. The end result is a Magento integrated solution with all the tools needed for data analysis, customer segmentation, personalization, easy to use content management and advertising in a single bundle known as the Adobee Experience Cloud. This will give you all you need to make it big. You can read more about all the details of the products and services that are part of the Experience Cloud here.

SMB and Mid-Market support

As Adobe embraces Magento as part of a larger scalable Experience Solution, one thing Magento and Adobe both cannot reiterate enough is the continued support and growth of the smaller guys. Magento and Adobe will continue to grow their engagement with the SMB and Mid-Market business owners. They know that without these sectors, the Magento community would not be where it is today. Thanks to the engagement received from the Magento community, in most part driven by innovations for the SMB and Mid-Market, we can expect a big push for continued engagement and bigger supporting forces behind community innovations. We cannot be happier about this.

Our takeaways

All in all – the conference was amazing, a highly recommended experience to anyone who would like to understand the strengths of the community behind Magento and Adobe.

Nowhere else can you encounter fanboys all dressed in orange, with orange shoes and orange suits made to look like a Magento marketplace. Amazing opportunity to see more than a dozen celebrated Magento Masters awarded for their state-of-the-art innovations or numerous successful contributions to the Magento and Adobe ecosystems. Being part of a community of hundreds of Technology and Solution Partners who come together to share ideas and to try and figure out ways to work together (or outsmart each other with the next best thing!) keeps us coming back for more.

Here is to another successful year until we meet again at Adobe Summit 2020!

Magento Imagine 2019 | What happened?