Our Process

Perhaps you are considering taking your business to an entirely new level by going online, with e-commerce. Or, maybe you want to jumpstart your existing e-commerce business. Both of these opportunities begin with an analysis of your businesses’ current potential. This means there needs to be a thorough evaluation of your current technology systems,  benchmarks of your and your competitor’s success, price point market comparison, conversion rates, web traffic, and the strength of your current brand.  Once you have a realistic vision of your current landscape, the future of your business, as well as your potential opportunities, can be developed into a strategic approach for your e-commerce business and expansion.

Next, you will need to determine how you can deliver the very best-in-class customer experience. This means you provide a streamlined online shopping experience, as well as responsive customer service, timely fulfillment of your goods or services, and a strategy for your ongoing digital communication that builds brand loyalty. When you have assessed your company’s strengths and weaknesses in all these areas, we can offer solutions for online promotions management, traffic building, content strategy, customer service, fulfillment, technology implementation, site design, and much, much more.  You will work with our team to determine the level of investment for the required software. We can provide you with a wide variety of solutions across a broad level of technology platforms.

At ORBA, we will help you determine what ERP systems and in-house tools and technologies you want to integrate with, helping you reduce the number of internal platforms to be managed. Unfortunately, there are many businesses whose IT departments are overwhelmed with disparate tools and technologies that are incapable of “talking” to one another. Perhaps your marketing department is frustrated with its inability to manage content and product information seamlessly between corporate sites and e-commerce shopping systems. Once we have helped you accomplish all of the above steps, we can design a solution that totally lines up with your business model and your technology needs.

Working with ORBA

At ORBA, we design, implement, and optimize e-commerce systems, offering dedicated B2B and B2C solutions. We know what tools to use to help each and every client effectively develop their business. ORBA designs sales platforms for big chains, international corporations, small businesses, and startups. We provide customization and complexity, stability and prompt action, and applications of state-of-the-art technologies that allow your company to stay ahead of the competition.

We provide dedicated B2C online stores—e-stores that sell. With our vast experience in UX, we can significantly increase conversion rates for your store. We will design an attractive, user-friendly solution to help you draw conclusions from your online data.  We also provide ERP integration, connecting apps, and online stores with ERP and PIM systems. When we automate your company processes, we save your employees’ time, upgrading the business mechanics of your company.

The Steps

Each project is divided into four phases—the discovery phase, the implementation phase, the testing phase, and the platform development phase. The discovery phase is the first—and most important stage in your project. We learn all about your business during the discovery phase, determining what your expectations for the business are. We have meetings, workshops, and discussions, planning your solutions, and creating the architecture of your site. We ensure our thoughts are in sync and that we are looking for solutions that you will be totally satisfied with. We will discuss the technology, mapping out diagrams of the business process. We will present our concepts in the form of mock-ups, or prototypes that allow you to see just how your future shop will operate.  

An Overview of Our Stages Here

The implementation phase includes graphic design and development; the ORBA team will concentrate on fast system operation, as well as a reliable one. We create software in line with the TDD (Test-Driven Development) technique, meaning we test new functionalities that are already in implementation. Every single element of code is analyzed by another developer during this code review phase because we fully understand there is no room for error when it comes to your e-commerce store.

Next is the testing phase where we ensure you have a reliable system that operates effectively for you and your customers. A team of testers ensures there are no mistakes in the project, implementing automatic tests that test the system after the implementation of any change.  The platform development phase is next. This is where you expand your e-store, adding new language versions, designing new features, and integrating the platform with other systems. We install modules that make shopping a delight for your clients, improving the overall usability and functionality of your store.

Who is ORBA?

At ORBA, our clients are entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in the area of e-commerce. We have clients from the Fortune Global 500 list and we consistently create attractive sales platforms that bring a high rate of conversion. A full 95 percent of our clients continue engagement with ORBA after the initial project. Our e-commerce B2B and B2C solutions offer stability and reliability—solutions based on Magento, Big Commerce and other well-known e-commerce platforms, always guarantee dependable operation.

ORBA provides services to both global and local brands—owners of failure-free stores. E-Commerce is an investment and we will always try to propose the platform for your online shop which best meets your business requirements and future growth. The worst thing that can happen while developing an e-commerce system is to create limitations from the beginning based on cost-cutting decisions. At the same time, we strive to be technology agnostic and will not sell you a platform you don’t need with features you will never use because of our Partnership dues and minimum sale requirements which are common in the e-commerce vendor community. Our goal is to make sure you are successful as this translates to our success as well. 

If you have been considering e-commerce for your goods or services, or you want to increase the usability and functionality of your current e-commerce site, ORBA can help! Contact ORBA today for a solution to all your business issues. Whether it be a simple platform to sell a couple hundred SKUs and ship in-country or a large international connected distribution network with multiple languages, logistics solutions, and payment methodologies, our experts are standing by to help.


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