We offer

Employment or B2B contracts - depending on preferences

Multisport card, medical care and English language classes

Work on innovative projects for local and global brands

The opportunity to learn about interesting technologies

Time for development, internal training, external training

Flexible working time

Casual atmosphere, no dress code, informal relationships

Modern office

Lots of coffee and fresh fruit


We reach for the latest technological achievements.

We implement verified solutions that give customers confidence and freedom of action. We design shops which even after some years pass will still answer the markets’ and e-clients’ requirements.

We build sales platforms based on the latest technologies and well-proven practices:

Magento i BigCommerce

Magento software for effective management of e-commerce platforms offers tremendous possibilities of the customization and further expansion of your shop, whereas BigCommerce enables a quicker shop launch. We choose the right technology to suit your needs.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Access to the site without access to the web? Offline native applications display your shop’s interface to the users and let them look through your products. On your phone, the shop will behave like a native app – without generating any additional costs.


Headless approach makes it possible to adjust the app’s interface to various devices. Your shop can look different on a laptop, phone and tablet, providing customers with the best shopping experience. Headless also offers the possibility of easy data exchange between services. This means quicker website performance and better security.

Continuous Integration (CI)

With Continuous Integration, a stable version of the software created by our developers’ team can be ready for you much sooner. As it is generated, the code is linked and tested automatically. As a result, the process of your store implementation is more efficient.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery is a method in which we quickly share with you the successive versions of your shop, with new features and possibilities.

We implement e-commerce solutions that generate profit.

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