MK Cafe Fresh

Dedicated B2C shopping platform based on Magento

The project was created from the white card stage. To get the best out of users’ shopping preferences, we’ve collected benchmarks from the best coffee brands in the world and combined them with the results of customer focus studies.

The store’s prototype included special configurator that makes it easier for customers to choose their favorite coffee. The implementation of the store also included full integration with the SAP system and preparation of applications for printing labels.

The MK Fresh e-store project has been awarded in two categories of eCommerce Poland Awards 2016:

  • Promotional idea of the year
  • Website of the year

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The Strauss Group is one of the leading coffee producers in the world.

MK Fresh is a local manufacture making coffee on demand through the online store.

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How to show the taste of coffee?

The research carried out during the project allowed to isolate the key coffee taste characteristics, then scale their intensity. As a result, a special configurator was created, with which the customer defines his preferences and receives a personalized purchase proposal.

How to optimize the production of personalized coffee for e-commerce?

To make the most of Magento’s capabilities, we visited the customer’s factory and mapped the coffee production process. We optimized it in terms of business processes, recommending changes in the arrangement of work stations and statuses associated with them.

How to keep up with current preferences and expectations of customers?

The Mk Fresh store has been tagged with numerous events that allow you to analyze consumer behavior at a very high level of detail. This is also the first project in which we used the synergy ORBA-Lingaro, thanks to the Senaryo application ( optimizing the client’s marketing activities.

Many years of cooperation have allowed us to build a strong business relationship – we are currently implementing a project of migrating the system to Magento 2 in the Headless / PWA technology for the client.

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mk cafe fresh e-commerce case study flavours visualisation

Mobile first

Use the latest technologies for the best result

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"All work delivered by ORBA is precise and reliable. The tasks have also been delivered on time.”

Marcin Bosacki


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"The cooperation between our companies has been positive, without any hiccups. Our experience of working with ORBA can confirm that they are a trustworthy partner, worth our recommendation.”

Arkadiusz Luciński


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"I recommend the ORBA company as a competent partner, who approaches the tasks at hand very professionally & quickly responds to the needs of the Client.”

Piotr Sadowski

Piotr Sadowski Advisory Services

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"The ingenuity, openness, engagement & professional approach of ORBA has guaranteed a timely & solid project implementation. We recommend ORBA as a trustworthy partner, that we are proud to recommend.”

Marek Uszyński

Stalgast sp. z o.o.


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