One of the largest Polish online drugstore

The project involved the creation of a dedicated online store based on Magento. The interactive prototype made in Axure RP allowed to define the functional scope of the project very precisely and design a store convenient for the end user.

The shopping path has been adapted to the client’s target group, and as part of the implementation we used solutions such as full-page cache or product filtering from the browser. They accelerated the functioning of the platform, translating into improved store conversion by about 50% compared to the previous version.

In addition, we introduced multiple, automatic scaling of servers during the day, which allowed us to achieve significant savings in terms of IT infrastructure.


ABOUT THE CLIENT is the largest Polish online drugstore

Has been at the forefront of the most prestigious online store rankings in Poland for many years.



How to speed up the operation of the store where product prices change several times a day?

How to speed up the operation of the store where product prices change several times a day?

To make downloading the current list of products and promotions without unnecessary server load, we used caching technologies such as: redis, full-page cache, and nginx cache.

In addition, we have introduced filtering and sorting products directly from the browser so that the user does not have to wait for the server’s response. This solution allowed to reduce the number of queries to the server.

Hosting the store in the Microsoft Azure service, enabled multiple scaling of servers throughout the day without interrupting the store’s operation. It also allowed to maintain high efficiency in case of increased traffic.



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