E-commerce implementation is carried out with Magento. It is a worldwide leader among suppliers of software for big platforms.

Perhaps you are new to B2B e-commerce, or perhaps you have been involved in B2B e-commerce for a significant amount of time. Either way, we want you to consider ORBA for all your B2B e-commerce needs. ORBA is a multinational eC-Commerce development company service both B2B and B2C Enterprises. ORBA is an official partner of both Magento and Microsoft; we will build, integrate and support e-commerce systems that evolve with you and your customers to maximize online sales.

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What is B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce is Business to Business Electronic Commerce that encompasses the online sales of products and services between companies. (B2B is sales between companies, while B2C is sales between consumers). While B2C e-commerce is relatively simple when compared to B2B transactions, Online B2B Sales tend to be much more complex. When discussing B2B e-commerce transactions, the prices tend to be highly variable, have more complex shipping requirements and usually require multi-level approvals to submit orders which translates to complex access and role scope controls.

This is in contrast to B2C e-commerce transactions, where the prices are generally fixed, quantities are low, and shipping is straightforward. As you might imagine, since businesses are much larger entities than individual consumers, the volume of products and services are much higher, plus B2B e-commerce markets must deal with regulatory requirements as well as  complex tax calculations due to tax exemptions for specific businesses and products in some regions. Because the B2B e-commerce market is so complex, the implementation processes and the solution requirements can be very demanding.

How is e-commerce in the B2B world Expected to Grow?

According to a 2020 Forbes article, when compared to the B2C industry, B2B e-commerce is projected to be two times bigger this year alone. In fact, the B2B e-commerce growth is expected to be the largest of all e-commerce growth from this year through 2025. This projected growth is due to rising mobile and Internet use, technological advances such as cloud-based e-commerce platforms, and significant advances in payment and shipping options. B2B sites must now give their brands the platform to sell offered products, as well as promoting the image of their company.

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01 Solid investment

Stability and reliability – solutions based on Magento guarantee dependable operation.

It is used by global brands, owners of failure-free stores. Magento also means unlimited development possibilities. Along with your business growth, you can add new functions to the store and edit freely the website layout and content. A one-off investment gives you endless opportunities.



02 Effective management

When you choose Magento, you receive an ergonomic tool to manage your store. On a single administrative panel you can manage multiple stores, with local currencies, in different language versions.

Thanks to the content-staging feature, you can plan changes on the website in time and check how they function. You can prepare special offers ahead of time and be sure that the system will work just as you want it to.


03 Answer to your business needs

B2B Magento 2 will satisfy most of the needs of stores which plan on implementing e-commerce.

However, each of them has its own character and requires tailor-made solutions. Magento is the perfect choice for e-shop software, as it offers the possibility to introduce significant changes depending on store owner’s individual needs. The system is highly customizable, which means our developers can provide our clients with specialized tools that are fully adjusted to suit their businesses.

We design solutions for personalized price lists, discount and loyalty systems, but also controlled access to information. We use reliable technologies and provide clients with stable platforms which work for their profit.



04 Business outlook

We act comprehensively. At ORBA, e-commerce implementations always go hand in hand with a business perspective. We analyze networks of relationships on each market, the company’s character and nature of sales processes.

We take the company’s relations with its partners into consideration and implement solutions which satisfy all parties (e.g. credit limit, quick-order-pad). We listen carefully to the voice of employees, as it is them who manage the store on a daily basis. We provide them with a tool which simplifies their work, and we give the store owner the freedom to manage the resources and the amount of information that can be accessed by individual employees.


05 Experience

We know technology inside out. ORBA developers have spent more than 85 000 hours over the last 3 years working with Magento 2 itself, whereas Magento as a platform has been implemented by us for more than 9 years.

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If you expect support in the field of hosting, we are the official partner of Microsoft Azure cloud. Its latest data protection and high scalability give entrepreneurs the steadfast foundation for developing their business. We also have considerable experience in managing AWS servers and work with other local server hosts.

Crucial Components of B2B e-commerce

To stay in the B2B game, it is imperative that site speeds be optimized people hate to wait on anything in our “immediate” society, and that includes waiting for an e-commerce page to load. Business owners must also set goals for their B2B e-commerce site. Generally speaking, although consumers are much more likely to research a product prior to buying than they were in the past, B2B clients do even more research because they are making business decisions. B2B businesses are also required to integrate content and commerce as a means of providing Sales Representatives the tools they need to provide updated, accurate, and easily accessible information.

User experience is just as important in B2B e-commerce, even though many B2B sites do not consider this a high priority. Remember, B2B e-commerce sites—just like B2C sites—must have engaging content, character, and graphics, and online ordering portals should always provide more than simply a list of SKUs. Finally, make sure your B2B e-commerce site is fully optimized for mobile—Millennials are picking up the B2B e-commerce market, and want it on the go.  In short, B2B e-commerce sites must provide advanced functionality, easy ordering, price negotiation, inventory management, and seamless transactions.

How do we work?

Work stages







Workshops with the Client


Other products of the Analysis Phase

UI Design

Environment configuration

Frontend development

Backend development

ERP Integration

SIT Tests

UAT Tests


Maintenance & Development

Getting into B2B e-commerce with ORBA

ORBA has a proven track record of implementing, maintaining and consulting for B2B Online e-commerce ecosystems, with over 90% of ORBA’s B2B implementations being developed on Magento for a reason. Magento has a have virtually unlimited range of development possibilities. You can always add new functions to your store, along with freely editing your website content and even the website layout. while initial development may be a bit longer on Magento than on other SaaS platforms, such as BigCommerce or Shopware, Magento provides endless opportunities for your company, making it a solid investment and a good foundational base for future expansion. Magento offers you an ergonomic tool to help you effectively manage your store. From one single administrative panel, you can manage multiple stores even with local currencies and in different languages.

B2B Magento 2 satisfies most e-commerce store needs, bringing design solutions for discount and loyalty systems, as well as personalized price lists. Whether your shop should be based on Magento 2 Commerce with Magento’s native B2B module or on Magento 2 Open Source with ORBA’s proprietary B2B module licensed to you at no cost, we implement reliable technologies, providing our clients with a stable platform that takes the company’s relations with its partners into consideration. At ORBA, we carefully listen to the voice of employees who typically manage stores on a day-to-day basis, providing tools that simplify their work, giving store owners the freedom to limit information accessed by individual employees.

At ORBA, we know technology inside and out; our developers have spent more than 175,000 hours over the past three years working with Magento 2, and ORBA has implemented solutions in Magento since 2010. When you choose Magento for all your B2B e-commerce needs, you are making a solid decision for your company. We are also the official partner of Microsoft Azure Cloud, which provides entrepreneurs a steadfast foundation for building their business through high scalability and the latest data protection.


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