E-commerce implementation is carried out with Magento. It is a worldwide leader among suppliers of software for big platforms.



01 Solid investment

Stability and reliability – solutions based on Magento guarantee dependable operation.

It is used by global brands, owners of failure-free stores. Magento also means unlimited development possibilities. Along with your business growth, you can add new functions to the store and edit freely the website layout and content. A one-off investment gives you endless opportunities.



02 Effective management

When you choose Magento, you receive an ergonomic tool to manage your store. On a single administrative panel you can manage multiple stores, with local currencies, in different language versions.

Thanks to the content-staging feature, you can plan changes on the website in time and check how they function. You can prepare special offers ahead of time and be sure that the system will work just as you want it to.


03 Answer to your business needs

B2B Magento 2 will satisfy most of the needs of stores which plan on implementing e-commerce.

However, each of them has its own character and requires tailor-made solutions. Magento is the perfect choice for e-shop software, as it offers the possibility to introduce significant changes depending on store owner’s individual needs. The system is highly customizable, which means our developers can provide our clients with specialized tools that are fully adjusted to suit their businesses.

We design solutions for personalized price lists, discount and loyalty systems, but also controlled access to information. We use reliable technologies and provide clients with stable platforms which work for their profit.



04 Business outlook

We act comprehensively. At ORBA, e-commerce implementations always go hand in hand with a business perspective. We analyze networks of relationships on each market, the company’s character and nature of sales processes.

We take the company’s relations with its partners into consideration and implement solutions which satisfy all parties (e.g. credit limit, quick-order-pad). We listen carefully to the voice of employees, as it is them who manage the store on a daily basis. We provide them with a tool which simplifies their work, and we give the store owner the freedom to manage the resources and the amount of information that can be accessed by individual employees.


05 Experience

We know technology inside out. ORBA developers have spent more than 85 000 hours over the last 3 years working with Magento 2 itself, whereas Magento as a platform has been implemented by us for more than 9 years.

Magento Community
Magento Enterprise
Magento 2

If you expect support in the field of hosting, we are the official partner of Microsoft Azure cloud. Its latest data protection and high scalability give entrepreneurs the steadfast foundation for developing their business. We also have considerable experience in managing AWS servers and work with other local server hosts.

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Our clients are entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in the area of e-commerce, including the companies from the Fortune Global 500 list. We create attractive and perfectly-converting sales platforms. Our experience includes 85 implemented e-commerce projects all over the world. In a recent survey on our Clients done by an external agency (oct. 2019), we scored:

  • 93% Net Promoter Score

  • 86% Referral Score

  • 95% of Clients continue engagement after initial project
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