Custom Implementation of Dedicated Web-Based Applications

Extra needs? At ORBA, we offer dedicated solutions to our clients. We do not adapt ready-made software, but instead we design it from scratch basing on available frameworks.

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Your business – like any business—has its own workflow. In practical terms, that means that external tools and services may not precisely fit your needs in terms of getting the work done. What you could benefit from is a powerful, highly advantageous web application that streamlines your existing business processes. Web apps are complex solutions that can capture, process, and store data. Think Facebook, the Washington Post, Quora — not stores, not websites, rather portals. These apps can have various features, including extensive integrations — in one project, we received energy consumption data from 15+ different sources and combined them to a single dashboard for the end-users.


At ORBA, we know there is no “one size fits all” approach. We also know that a custom web application must be user-friendly and precisely fit your business’s exact needs. You may be under the impression that because your business needs are complex, the dedicated apps will be so complicated as to be unusable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our experienced team of development experts will make sure that we simplify the process to give you the most automation possible. We will save your business both time and money by ensuring your most time-consuming tasks are running on auto-pilot.


What Can a Dedicated Web App Do?

A dedicated web app can potentially let you focus on the important parts of your business, putting you ahead of your competition.


Your team will reap a dedicated app’s benefits from the very beginning and appreciate our flexible approach, prompt response to changing requirements, and wholly transparent development process. The ORBA team kicks off a dedicated app’s development process by listening and learning of the owner’s vision for the custom application. We will thoroughly discuss your needs, challenge your ideas, perform in-depth research, and create a dedicated web application that solves your unique issues. We have a deep understanding of what is necessary to connect technology to valuable business outcomes. We also understand that different industries and companies have different needs and constraints. At ORBA, we believe in meeting you where you are, then helping accomplish your goals through a dedicated web app.

Dedicated apps

01 Embracing your business needs

Understanding your expectations is our key priority – it lets us work out the solutions that your business needs. We get to know the processes that you would like to upgrade in your company and create suitable system features.

We take into account the technological possibilities of your internal systems. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of your business, we can provide you with specialised tools supporting your company’s development.

  • complex work support systems
  • billing systems
  • records systems
  • databases

Dedicated apps

02 Experienced designers

We have extensive experience concerning dedicated projects and carry out even the most complicated jobs. We have created e.g.:

  • a platform for integrating data from multiple sources and presenting energy consumption levels for the Andrychów power station
  • a platform for vet clinics, with a database of medicines, their expiry dates, medical information about animals and their appointments
  • an international shipping management app, which generates waybills and calculates delivery cost depending on parcel’s parameters

Dedicated apps

03 Collaboration for years

We provide our clients with a full range of services. We work on the software comprehensively and offer support after implementation.

We collaborate with our clients for years and continually develop their systems to let them always be a step ahead of the competition.

  • analysis
  • preparation of interactive prototypes
  • service implementation
  • platform maintenance/development

The app is created based on an Open Source technology. Thanks to this, your next partners can freely work on expanding the code.


What Types of Dedicated Web Apps Do We Provide?

In truth, the answer to the question of what types of dedicated web apps ORBA can provide is almost limitless. If we were to standardize the apps we implemented, we would end up with the following five main types:

  1. Corporate websites—ORBA implements platforms that will showcase the brand. To achieve this, we will use open-source or custom CMS, depending on the needs.
  2. Consumer-facing tools—These are highly customized tools for specific actions, i.e., a platform to show the energy consumption or a bulletin
  3. Advanced landing pages—These are smaller than a full website, but attention to detail and the perfect UI is a must. Typically, we base them on a CMS that allows you to implement changes quickly.
  4. Configurators—If you want your customer to click around and visualize a product – we are the best partner for the job. We’ve implemented multiple complex configurators for fashion, eyewear, coffee, and chocolate brands, just to name a few.
  5. Custom eCommerce—Sometimes, the open-source eCommerce platform istoo much, sometimes too little. Whatever you need something extra, ORBA is there to help you out. Custom eCommerce implementations can help with performance, security and bring you value in intellectual property rights.

ORBA creates dedicated web applications of all types across all industries, including a custom system to see your house energy usage or a platform for a veterinarian to keep track of appointments as well as available medicine & it’s expiration dates.

ORBA’s dedicated web apps are based on Symfony, CakePHP, and other Frameworks. Some of these applications are “headless,” meaning the frontend is separated from the backend—our solutions can behave similarly to a native app, but we do not build native iOS/Android apps. If needed, we connect them to external native apps with an API bridge we implement. Each system is custom-built for our customers because they are used for very user-specific purposes. Consider the following when thinking about our dedicated apps:

How do we work?

Work stages







Workshops with the Client


Other products in the Analysis Phase

Environment configuration

Frontend and Backend jobs

Integration with external systems

SIT Tests

UAT Tests

Production launch

Service maintenance

Get Started with Our Experienced E-Commerce Team

ORBA not only provides dedicated web applications. We make sure to apply security measures across every layer of our web solutions with the security-by-design approach. If your business could benefit from a dedicated web app, ORBA can provide the solutions you need. Once we know your business inside-out, we understand the processes you need and want; then, we can create a suitable dedicated web app.

To ensure you stay a step ahead of the competition, we combine analysis, preparation of interactive prototypes, service implementation, and platform maintenance and development. Throughout creating your dedicated web app, we will ensure your business is always visible, increase your global reach, help you meet your potential customers, help build your brand, increase your direct sales, and improve your customer interactions. Contact ORBA today to discuss your dedicated app.


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