E-commerce for the Fashion Industry

According to marketing charts.com, the global online fashion market is predicted to reach $765 billion by the year 2022, which is a significant increase over 2020, of almost 60 percent. Four years from now, more than a third of all fashion retail sales are expected to take place online. Almost half of all adult consumers have bought clothing, accessories, or footwear online, contributing to the overall increase in retail spending on fashion items. Some believe that the biggest challenge for fashion retailers is how e-commerce conversion rates can be increased.

In general, customers prefer online over offline in the fashion realm because they find a larger assortment of items, better promotions, and higher convenience. Millennials, in particular, have chosen online fashion choices over brick and mortar stores. It is likely that online sales of fashion items will continue to thrive, particularly businesses that invest in new technologies and advocate for social causes.

Since conversion rates for fashion and apparel are at about 5.9 percent, boosting this rate will involve a variety of strategies. These strategies may include SEO optimization, design improvements, AI, and personalization, all intended to reduce abandonment. As the e-commerce competition in the fashion industry increases, product data will become even more critical.

Solutions may also include categorization of products and a more comprehensive detail of product attributes. It is imperative for fashion e-commerce sites to increase their visibility via SEO because Google displays on the first page accounts for relatively few of the total search results—yet many people rarely look beyond the first one to three search result pages.

How Important are Brand Trust and Loyalty in the E-commerce Fashion Industry?

With the level of competition out there, it is hard to ensure customers will return to your website. And, according to Host Gator, only about 31 percent of business professionals believe improving customer engagement is a priority. This is a dismal statistic because, after all, e-commerce depends heavily on customer engagement, and building brand loyalty requires constant engagement of your target audience.

Loyal customers expect something in return—many things, in fact. These expectations include superior customer service, attention to feedback, and rewards programs. In short, making a human connection in the e-commerce fashion industry—or any industry, for that matter—is crucial, and business leaders that do not understand the value behind their brand are missing an opportunity to gain lifelong customers.

Since the most critical time to gain the loyalty of your customers is when they first begin a service or make their first purchase. When your e-commerce site really stands out from your competitors, you become positioned at the forefront of the fashion industry because your brand is being associated with trust and expertise.

Increasing Your Fashion E-Commerce Site’s Visibility and Increasing Brand Loyalty

ORBA can help you increase the visibility of your fashion e-commerce site, while at the same time increasing brand loyalty. Some of the things you can do include increasing your presence on social media, making sure the content on your site is high-quality, creating a rewards program, and giving your brand a unique personality. ORBA can help you do this via customer analytics, customer communication, customer service, mobile loyalty, and so much more.

How ORBA Works With the Fashion Industry’s E-Commerce

ORBA offers advanced e-commerce systems implementation, allowing entrepreneurs from around the world to operate on the markets that would otherwise be unavailable to them without our technological support. Not only does ORBA have extensive business experience, we are well-acquainted with the logistics and sales processes in companies. The top priority at ORBA is service. We use the latest e-commerce technologies so your shop can provide you with the largest possible profit for the longest possible time.

We are Magento experts; in the course of the last three years, we have logged more than 175,000 hours in the Magento technology. We approach every project comprehensively and individually. We will analyze your business needs, recommending the technological solutions that best meet your individual needs. We will learn about the specific character of your business and your clients, and our design will reflect that as we design with the shop users and shop owners in mind. We also conduct extensive software tests to be sure your final product is stable—and the foundation for your success.

We will spend as long as it takes to understand the character of your business, as well as the entire environment in which your business exists. We will thoroughly analyze business processes related to e-commerce, discover who your clients really are and how they purchase. Our solutions will be changes we are eminently ready to implement. ORBA designs solutions that are visualized in the form of mock-ups which allow us to check to see whether your website is 100 percent usable—intuitive, easy to navigate, and one that leads efficiently from interest to purchase. Contact ORBA today for all your fashion e-commerce needs!    


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