ERP Integration

We are perfectly aware that a well-prospering business relies on smooth enterprise management.

We are responsible for dedicated ERP integrations – we synchronize sales platforms with internal accounting, delivery and PIM systems for both B2B and B2C solutions. Our integrations include:

  • SAP integrations
  • Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Integrations with local warehouse and accounting systems: (MAGRES, COMMIT ERP, SUBIEKT GT, OPTIMA, POLKA ERP, ENOVA)

ERP Integration

01 All data in one place

Thanks to the integration with your ERP system, you have access to all of the data in one place.

Starting from clients’ data and orders, through all kinds of product data, and ending with information concerning payment and delivery statuses. You increase your employees’ productivity by reducing time that is necessary to enter information and synchronize it.


ERP Integration

02 Technologically faultless

We synchronize e-commerce platforms with ERP systems. Our portfolio includes successful implementations for platforms where orders consist of hundreds of rows.

We have worked on systems with dozens of external data sources, integrated cart price rules, price lists per client and also systems operating on multiple markets.

We synchronize:

  • Client data
  • Product data (including rich-data)
  • Order data and order statuses
  • Product price lists
  • Categories
  • Special offers
  • Returns and complaints

ERP Integration

03 Company data

All data visible in one place is a priceless asset for company management. With a full spectrum of information at hand, you can take your business decisions promptly and accurately.

Advanced integration of data also means the possibility to automatize your processes and thus facilitate work of store managers and reduce costs of operating your business. Thanks to the ERP system integration, you can have a single and consistent database.


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Our clients are entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in the area of e-commerce, including the companies from the Fortune Global 500 list. We create attractive and perfectly-converting sales platforms. Our experience includes 85 implemented e-commerce projects all over the world. In a recent survey on our Clients done by an external agency (oct. 2019), we scored:

  • 93% Net Promoter Score

  • 86% Referral Score

  • 95% of Clients continue engagement after initial project
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