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A sales platform that guarantees conversion is the one designed with the client in mind. Paths in your store don’t lead to the goal? Our UX department will point the user in the right direction.

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A crucial part of the research process is known as UX (User Experience) analysis. According to author Jill DaSilva, competitive UX analysis provides strategic insights into “features, functions, flows, and feelings evoked by the design solutions of your competitors.” Once the facets competitor’s product and design is fully understood, UX recommendations can ensure your own product/experience is superior. Performing such a competitive User Experience focused analysis should be done early on in the User-focused design process, and certainly before working on a new product. It is worth noting, however, that while User Experience focused analysis should be done early on, it should also be a part of normal, ongoing, competitive research.

Data-driven UI changes based on UX analysis allows owners to build and change an e-commerce site, offering experiences for users based on how they actually use the site, rather than how the owner thinks they are using the site—or should be using the site. Obviously, a user that has a great experience translates into a better business outcome for owners. User interface changes that will vastly improve the overall user experience are brought in—after all, a great online experience makes it as easy as possible for users to engage in the things all owners want: making a purchase or signing up for a service. This data-driven analysis includes usability tests, behavioral workflows, heatmap recordings, and heuristic analysis – we will pick the best option for your project.

UX and analytics

01 User first

We analyze e-stores in terms of user experience – we test the intuitiveness, ease of search and speed of a website.

We can turn your e-store into a user-friendly place and implement improvements enhancing the conversion rate. Your clients can shop easily while you fulfill your goals.

We optimize already-existing e-stores, look for reasons why the clients abandon their shopping carts, and then implement improvements. What we care about is the comfort of the users and improving your money-maker.


UX and analytics

02 Data counts

We make recommendations based on data – Google Analytics and HotJar provide us with valuable knowledge concerning your website and clients’ behavior. A | B tests allow us to confirm our hypotheses.

We also carry out interviews and workshops, because we need to be sure that we know everything about your business online & that we understand the users’ needs.

UX and analytics

03 Desired effect

After each implementation we measure the effectiveness of our changes.

We leave nothing to chance and keep adjusting & optimizing the solutions till it is perfect.


What are the Benefits of UX Analysis?

In addition to conducting heuristic UX analysis and general best-practices check, a competitive UX analysis is a relatively small part of the overall process, allowing e-commerce business owners to test their design “intuition” by using data-backed design intuition. We analyze these three pillars to obtain the full picture, making sure we follow the example of Steve Krug regarding the first law of usability—“don’t make the user think.”  Consider the following when thinking about UX analysis and user-focused design:  

What Are UX Analysis Best Practice Recommendations?

So, what things will your UX consultant consider when thinking about UX analysis for your store? Below are a few of the issues he or she will consider:

A comparative analysis is generally done, checking direct competitors, as well as different markets with similar types of products. The UX consultant will determine the criteria used to compare based on stakeholder goals, the individual project, and the information required to strategically inform the design solution. User experiences may be evaluated via qualitative and/or quantitative measures.

ORBA places extra care on the UX part of the store, implementing multiple projects where the conversion rates were significantly raised—by as much as 73 percent. In other cases, only one single section of the page was changed, increasing conversion rates by as much as 23 percent. ORBA uses Axure RP for mockups, and for most custom implementation they go through a Discovery Phase which includes:

How do we work?

Work stages







Data analysis


Change implementation

Measuring the results

UX Analysis/Consultancy with ORBA

Your ORBA UX consultant will take a step back, focusing on the entirety of the ecosystem of your organization, coupled with the entire journey of its users. Our high level of design skills, used in conjunction with our technical knowledge, allows us to solve business problems on a store that can be symptoms of deeper business problems. At the UX consultancy level, the research pays more attention to specific business challenges and the “bigger picture.”  An ORBA UX consultant team may use surveys, interviews, testing, or prototyping to research hidden business problems, unexplored opportunities, and unmet needs.

ORBA always considers the owner’s users first and foremost in the equation. We perform an analysis of e-stores in terms of user experience, testing the intuitiveness, ease of search, and speed of the site. The ORBA team turns e-stores into user-friendly places, implementing improvements that enhance the overall conversion rate. While owners are allowed to fulfill their business goals, users can more easily shop in the e-commerce store.

The ORBA UX analysis team will optimize an existing e-store, look for reasons shopping carts are abandoned, and implement improvements. We make our recommendations based on analytics which provide valuable knowledge concerning users’ behaviors, and the website. ORBA also involves owners in interviews and workshops to ensure we know everything about their specific online business. Contact ORBA today for the best in UX Analysis!


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