Get to know the ORBA core!


A satisfied customer and a team of their work. We act in such a way that the satisfaction from the project is shared by both parties.

What it means in practice?

If we feel the solution we provide is enough for us – it will be enough for our customers. Make sure that you are proud of what you deliver.


Can you see the need for change? Share your idea with us and help us implement the change.

What it means in practice?

Our company is made of a lot of people. Each and everyone can help us grow – if you see room for improvement, not only tell us about the change needed – lead the change!


Share both challenges and successes! Inspire, help, build trust and develop together with your team!

What it means in practice?

Don’t break into open doors. Learn from the team, share experience & know-how. If one person in the company knows how to solve an issue – everybody should.


We take your feedback into account. We are always here to talk to you – share your thoughts with us.

What it means in practice?

There are no closed doors. If you need to tell us something – we are here for you, from the CEO to the janitor. Find the person you feel can help you best & share your thoughts.


Continously search for and implement innovations. Improve your skills and develop your company together with us – become part of the e-volution!

What it means in practice?

In 2017 we were one of the first companies implementing Headless. In 2018, we drive the innovation by adding CI/CD. In 2019 we are opening to ReactJS & finalizing our fourth PWA implementation – lead the change!