Comprehensive e-commerce solutions for business

Dedicated online platforms: Magento technology, MS Azure cloud deployments, systems integrations. ORBA responds to the needs of digital transformation clients in business. Online trading is one of the IT areas where the link between technology and business is clearly visible. The enthusiastic IT team at ORBA is a great example of the importance to both the technical aspects of creating solutions and to sharing rich experiences and expertise in business aspects of e-commerce. ORBA specializes in providing advanced tools to help improve sales in complex business relationships. The efficient operation that requires the use of personalized price lists, rebates, incentives and Controlled access to information.

Confident and reliable: Magento implementations

ORBA is an official partner of Magento – a world leader among ecommerce platform providers. Magento is secure and reliable. The advantages have been used by many global brands. ORBA creates individual B2C e-commerce solutions based on Magento technology, which gives great opportunities to personalize the functionality of the sales platforms. ORBA implements systems based on Magento Community, Magento Enterprise and Magento 2.

Microsoft Azure: Security deployments

Being a Microsoft partner, ORBA offers e-store deployments to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The benefits of such a solution are among other things, the highest level of data security or scalability depending on the platform’s traffic. Microsoft Azure is highly available and has global service coverage.

Experience in integrating systems with E-shop

ORBA provides efficient integrations that help improve e-store business effectiveness. Among other things, online store integration is required to make the process run smoothly, with: Accounting systems, applications to support logistical processes, price comparison engines, evaluation systems or suppliers. The experts at ORBA have had rich and supported success in the implementation of e-shops integration with ERP system.

We are proud of effective solutions, the Stalgast platform supports business development.