ORBA is among the top 7% of elite eCommerce development teams!

At ORBA, for a long time, we have been looking for a way to show to the world how much we have achieved in terms of the satisfaction of our clients, but also of the well-being of our internal team. Now, after passing Pangea verification, we can communicate through our Pangea.ai profile.

Our way to celebrate participation in the Pangea community

We approached the participation in the Pangea.ai verification process twice. Pangea analyzed our TeamVibe, contacted our Clients directly, and also researched our internal policies, documents, financials, etc. During the first iteration, we received lots of valuable information, plus a list of areas to improve. We are happy to say that we took them to heart and implemented actions that helped us succeed in the verification process to become part of an elite group of IT companies. Also, we are very happy to learn that the work we focused on last year: our values, communication, practices & project reporting have not gone unnoticed. Now, good practices in these elements are the foundation of our company.

the best of orba - top eCommerce Development Companies - at work

The most important discovery and knowledge

The part of the audit concerning the health condition of our team brought us the most joy. We managed to achieve a result of 8.4, which is higher than the statistical average for the companies that are members of the Pangea program. Over 77% of our team members took part in the survey, so the result is very satisfying for us.

We know that the effectiveness of ORBA is determined by the members of our team, so we are very happy that our team members are satisfied with their work at ORBA. Friendly relationships are significant, but we have also found areas that we can manage even better in the future. It concerns, among others, the area of feedback & recognition.

We know how important the flow of information is. We intend to focus on the “1 on 1” meeting format to ensure that we are able to listen to our team members and convey our appreciation on an ongoing basis for their commitment and more.

“We meet regularly with our team members and discuss topics related to their personal and professional development. The goal is team satisfaction, which translates into the quality of our work and, as a result, the satisfaction of our clients.” – Julia Szczepankowska, Head of HR Department in Orba.

orba pangea announcement best top eCommerce Development Companies
Among the top 7% eCommerce development companies | The goal is team satisfaction, which translates into the work quality

“Among the top 7% eCommerce development companies”

We can already feel the effects of such actions: our customer satisfaction survey by Pangea gave us a score of 8.6/10, including 10/10 in our key “project management” section. Such amazing results would not be possible without the excellent team and the involvement we put into working with our clients.

We have been in the industry for many years. We walked the path from a small software house to a company that is part of a large IT group and organization that successfully carries out tasks for the largest, including Fortune 500 companies. Our team has grown (ORBA has almost 100 qualified specialists); therefore we are able to efficiently carry out large, extensive eCommerce implementations. This allows us to enjoy the recognition of our clients:

“The cooperation between our companies has been positive, without any hiccups. Our experience of working with ORBA can confirm that they are a trustworthy partner.” – Arkadiusz Luciński, CEO LPP

pangea announcement michal biarda one of best top eCommerce Development Companies orba lingaro group
Among the top 7% eCommerce development companies | Our CTO, Michał Biarda

We are calmly looking into the future

We are very happy that we managed to join the elite group of 7% top eCommerce development companies. It is a significant step for us, confirming how much we have achieved. It also means that we are on a good course. We still intend to improve ourselves, our processes, and the level with which we carry out tasks assigned to us by our clients.

Our success is the ability to attract the best talents and establish cooperation with clients for whom our values and work culture are important. Relationships based on mutual trust help you achieve the highest business goals.

Achieving high scores in the Pangea audit is part of the process. The goal is to continuously develop and improve in the elements that will make us leaders in the rapidly changing world of IT technology. It is the best we can do to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


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