We are Turning Heads in The eCommerce Industry

This caught a lot of companies off-guard, and they were scrambling to get any kind of presence online to stay relevant and competitive. For many Polish businesses, they turned to our team for assistance, and to this day many of them say that was the best decision they’ve ever made.

They were so grateful for our assistance, they even wrote about their experiences of working with our team. These reviews became so impactful to our reputation that we were listed on Clutch as one of the top e-commerce developers in the country.

This is a great development for our team, and we hope to continue riding this momentum to finish the year strong and start 2023 in an even better position.

ORBA – one of top e-commerce developers

For those interested in learning more about ORBA, we have long-term experience in cost optimization. Over twelve years on the market and a portfolio of dozens of international projects completed around the world. Many implementations with over 50% increase in conversion rates – from stores with millions of users to projects with over 650,000 products in stock.

Experienced team with certified business and technical skills. We provide consistent and safe solutions for sales growth: We work on the basis of modern and battle-tested technologies that guarantee incomparable efficiency and safety.

Our experience in digitization of processes ensures the safety of both the company and employees. The time of COVID-19 has proven that our practices allow organizations to efficiently use the effects of digital transformation based on our proven models.

Scalability improvement is our major specialty: Our deep knowledge and extensive experience in building tools make it easier to reach new buyers and enable the penetration of new markets. We have a proven history of providing our clients with unlimited business scaling opportunities.

We have a data-centric approach. Each decision is justified by an advanced process of tracking consumer behavior using proven attribution models. We plan on the basis of precise information and organize processes based on real data.

Learn more about these services and how our team can make them work for you by visiting our website. Contact us today, and we can talk about your company and how to accelerate its growth journey.

Lingaro Group finalized its acquisition of eBusiness Institute (eBI)!

Last November 30, Lingaro Group, a multinational data and analytics company, finalized its acquisition of eBusiness Institute (eBI), a digital commerce advisory and content creation firm based in Switzerland.

In 2018, Lingaro incorporated Orba, an e-commerce software development firm specializing in digital store solutions. Lingaro’s acquisition of eBI is the next step in Lingaro’s long-term strategy for building a next-generation marketing analytics solution for Fortune 500 companies and other global organizations.

eBI’s services and top-notch digital marketing and sales professionals will boost Lingaro’s marketing intelligence capabilities aimed at helping enterprises distill business requirements for developing advanced marketing solutions, make technology-enabled recommendations, create marketing innovations, and derive greater value from their marketing investments.

A recent Gartner research showed that 80% of marketing executives are not satisfied with the implementation of their current marketing innovations, citing the lack of technology support and professional guidance to build performance-driven solutions. Lingaro and eBI’s combined expertise and capabilities bridge this gap.

Founded in 2013, eBI provides a broad range of end-to-end e-commerce and marketing technology services for leading global brands in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, mass luxury, and consumer electronics industries. With the acquisition, Luigi Matrone will stay on as eBI’s CEO and join Lingaro Group’s extended leadership team.

eBI joining forces with Lingaro reflects an innovation-driven marketing technology that meets first-class digital marketing strategy. We are grateful to everyone who was involved in this process, especially to eBI’s leadership for their outstanding support at every step. As we continue to expand our offerings to better serve our customers’ technology and business needs, this acquisition has taken our data-driven professional service capabilities to the next level.

Contact our experts to learn more about how Lingaro can help accelerate the digital transformation of the business’s marketing and sales capabilities. Learn more about eBI through their website: https://ebusinessinstitute.com/


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