User Experience audit

At ORBA we strive for amazing UX.

Don’t make me think” is both Steve Krug’s & our motto.

Most of the stores we implement are based on interactive mockups, which we test with real users. This has, time & time, again brought us great results when it comes to improving conversion,  increasing the average order value & simplifying the customer roadmap.

We have used this approach to define how to show the taste of coffee & how to make excel product imports easier for a B2B platform.

Every store is different.

Every store can be optimized.

Work-hours (with mockups): 50 Man-Hours
Expected timeline: 2-3 weeks
Full cost (with mockups): $3,250

Now, if you already have a website you are doomed…

Just kidding:) Our UX team can audit your site & recommend various changes to improve selected parameters. The leader of the team has experience in e-Commerce as well as FinTech, where the Usability expectations are extra high. We were also co-authors of a UX best practices report available below:

Don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the data:
  • *48% conversion growth after the implementation of a new layout proposed by ORBA;
  • *Doubled the amount of average products ordered;
  • *Average conversion growth from 1.6% to 3.1% based on our recommendations (all while simultanously expanding to 9 new countries);
  • *23% conversion rate growth after implementing changes to the checkout page;
What is included in the UX audit?
  • *General UX audit – analysis of store by ORBA experts, recommendations based on know-how;
  • *Client workshops (online) – Webex calls with Product Owners, Customer Support team and/or marketing teams;
  • *Heuristic analysis and/or data analysis – depending on the need we either analize Google Analytics data or do a deep dive based on Neilsen’s heuristics;
  • *Benchmarking – as part of the report you will also receive best practices from your local and global competitors;
  • *Heatmap analysis – depending on the case, we can also use tools such as HotJar to provide us with pain points in the Customer journey;
  • *Axure prototype – if needed, we can propose layout improvements on mockups, which will help your team implement the recommended changes;
  • *Recommendations report – a pdf file with information of what should be changed & the priority of the proposed changes.

Contact us, if you want to order a UX audit:


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